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Viana Desert-half day private tour 4×4, 80€

Starting from Sal Rei or from the hotels, the first stop is in Rabil, the nice village one km from the airport, where you can admire the ancient terracotta workmanship at the famous “olearia”, which still remains the only form today of local crafts. Leaving Rabil, cross the small palm-lined oasis and immediately after turning left, you will reach the Viana Desert. The desert has been formed over the years, by the trade winds that come from North Africa loaded with sand from the Sahara. Viana changes continuously over time, lengthens, widens, and every time the landscape offers different beauties. Beautiful walking barefoot on the hot sand and rolling down the dunes, in front of the curious gaze of the little goats that live there and feed on the acacia trees that border the desert boundaries. Leaving the desert, we head towards Cabo Santa Maria to admire the famous beached wreck and the sea eagles that inhabit it. Proceeding towards Sal Rei, a stop at the recently restored Church of Fatima, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the splendid coves amidst the volcanic rocks. To end the hike, take a walk to Sal Rei, the main town of Boavista, to go shopping and taste typical products.

The price is for all car


  • Sunscreen, hat, water
  • The excursion is not recommended for pregnant women and people with bone problems