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Tour of Boa Vista-full day private tour 4×4-140€

We start by walking on the dunes of Praia de Chaves and Morro d’Areia to take the south coast track that leads to Praia Varandinha, a destination for those who love extreme kitesurfing and bird watching; during low tide it is possible to enter the caves and admire the ocean from another perspective. From the beach turn towards the oldest village of Boavista, Povocao Velha where houses with earthen bricks and thatched roofs are still found. We continue to Santa Monica, 25km of pristine white sand, wonderful and we arrive at Corral Velho, a protected area for birdlife and salt lake, an abandoned fishing village with red stone houses still intact and very fascinating. The red clay track continues up to Ervatao, where from May to September the Carreta Carreta turtles go to lay eggs, and you can take pictures with a gigantic Baobab (it takes 7 people to hug it). Scollinando appears on the horizon the highest point of the island: the Morro Nero lighthouse. You park your car and walk uphill for 10 minutes, the beauty of the panorama takes your breath away … ..the locals say that this mountain it has a very strong magnetism, and indeed in the waters adjacent to the lighthouse there are a lot of shipwrecks that have lost their orientation and got stuck in the sand. Leaving behind the “black trail” due to the sand and volcanic stones, we arrive at the villages where time seems to have stopped: Cabeca do Tarafes, Fundo das Figueiras and Joao Galego, colorful and flower-filled houses, smiling and welcoming people. Returning to the afternoon is a must to stop at the Viana Desert, formed over the years thanks to the seasonal winds which carry the sand from North Africa every year, and this is why its appearance changes every time. To remember Boavista and its natural beauties, we stop at the terracotta factory of Rabil, for those who want to buy artifacts of the skilled local artisans, before returning.


The price is for the car 


  • Sunscreen, hat, water
  • The excursion is not recommended for pregnant women and people with bone problems