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Half day South private tour 4X4-80€

It starts with a walk on the dunes of Praia de Chaves that plunge into the ocean, from here the land trail that, flanking the coast with a wonderful panorama, leads to Praia de Varandinha, destination for extreme kiters and lovers of birdwatching. A couple of kilometers away is the older village of Boavista, Povoçao Velha, and some still intact houses built with hand-made earthen bricks and thatched roofs bear witness to this. We continue towards Santa Monica, considered the most beautiful beach of the archipelago, 25km of white desert sand. Here it is possible to have lunch, sunbathe and swim in a delightful Bar / Restaurant or simply relax in the hammock … .. After stopping we take the way back and stop in the Viana Desert, formed over the years thanks to the trade winds that bring the sands from North Africa, each time it looks different and it is wonderful to listen to its silence to round off this excursion.

The price is for the car 


  • Sunscreen, hat and water
  • The excursion is not recommended for pregnant women and people with bone problems
Praia Chaves, Boa Vista
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