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Half day North private tour 4×4-80€

On the road to the history and tradition of Boavista, the first stop is the Rabil terracotta factory, the ancient oil mill, where skilled craftsmen work the precious red earth with their hands and create very nice statues of varied shapes and sizes. Leaving Rabil turn left and arrive at the Viana Desert, formed over the years with the sands that the seasonal winds bring from North Africa (Sahara): a must ride down from the dunes and the walk on the warm white sand, to “hear” the magical silence of this place. Continue along the road that crosses the whole island, still made of hand-made pebbles, to reach the villages of the North: Joao Galego, Fundo das Figueiras and Cabeca dos Tarafes, colorful and full of flowers, warm and hospitable people …… .After the last town, take the “black” trail, a surreal landscape, black volcanic sand and stones leading to the highest point of Boavista: the Morro Nero lighthouse. Park the car and walk for 10 minutes , the beauty of the landscape takes your breath away … ..the locals say that this mountain has a very strong energy, and in fact in the adjacent waters there are a lot of shipwrecks that have lost their orientation and got stuck in the sand . On the way back the route is the same (with a brief stop at Joao Galego for tasting typical products) but changing the direction and the view, the emotions are renewed too

The price is for the car 


  • Sunscreen, hat, water
  • The excursion is not recommended for pregnant women and people with bone problems